Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming soon from Country Stitches/With Thy Needle

Happy Monday all-I don't know about you all but I worked my tail off this weekend-the weather was soooo gorgeous on Saturday that yard work was a must-and so my veggie garden is planted, the yard is mowed and weedwacked and by yesterday (and still by today) I am sore, beaten up by the rototiller, and generally pooped...but by gosh when I'm eating (hopefully) fresh tomatoes I will be grateful. Unless the groundhog gets them first...
Just saw the news from Country Stitches/With Th Needle ( that as of June 20th a new series will be released-Autumn will be released the first day of Summer, Winter released the first day of Autumn and so on---the sneak peek is above-LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Sign me up now!!
Well, off to check the weather forecast-Beth and I ( and a group of friends) are supposed to go to the Phillies tonight but as my dear friend Sheila says, the skies look omnibus!!
Take care and hope all of you are happy and stitching up a storm!

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