Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Home!

Howdy all-and thanks to all that sent good wishes to me-I spent the week down in the Outer Banks and had a great time-lots of beachtime, lots of good eats, lots of time with friends-but I missed my pups something fierce-they were at home being well taken care of but how they squealed when I got home! Mr Miley grabbed my hand and then my ponytail, Sammy danced, Nemo barked! It was a circus!!

I was missing my stitching-by nighttime I was too tired (and the lighting wasn't up for my 40 count fabric! Next year a light must be stashed in my bag!)-so I am all too eager to get home tonight for a stitchfest!

I have seen all of the new great items to come including the French designs and the new Sampler Company designs-be sure to check out the website and newsletter!

Above is a sneak preview of a new design by My Big Toe and a booklet by La D Da--can't wait!

To all of you, I hope is was a good week-if it wasn't (and for several I know it wasn't-Amy was really sick and Sharon lost her lovely pup, Finley-my deepest heartfelt sympathy, Sharon-your picture and message were so very dear) may this week bring hope and happiness!

xoxo Molly

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