Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year and we made it! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! It certainly went quickly and here we are facing a new year...I am sooooo happy and relieved to be beyond the rush-to be headed toward a quieter day in New Year's Day-a day to fix up my calendar, make my resolutions, and take the day to stitch while in my pjs!! My favorite kind of day! I looked back at last year's resolutions-laugh more, stress less and think that will be my top resolution again this year...Stitch more is #2! Blog more is #3...

Blackbird Designs has released "Winter" which is the third in a three part booklet-love all of the projects in this new book.

Will be here tomorrow for the 30% off day-hope to see you sometime soon!! Have a safe and fun weekend-Take care of you!

Molly )

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