Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Stitchers :-)
      Another beautiful day.  No, the sun isn't shining and it's a bit muggy for October...but it's all in your perspective, isn't it?  I have to say...being back at the shop with these wonderful girls and our great customers gives me a great perspective!  I feel really blessed to work in a place where laughter IS the best medicine. Well....along with stitching!  We are corny and cracked, to say the least...but we're ok with that.  I would bet that my sister Beth would say....we're beyond cracked and that it has gotten to a new level since my return!!!  My mom, Ruth Ellen, has been on a hiatus at the shore, but she popped back up for a few days to do some things at the shop (and for her dog to see my dog!) So, this is a look at us yesterday......

And for those of you who have wondered what Beth looks like..there she is in the center.  Each day she has to put up with the wacko on the left!  There's a spot in heaven for her ;) Yup...just another day at work..up to no good (I know those firms on Wall Street don't get to work like this.....that's why they are all STRESSED OUT).

I am happy to say, my needle has been flying recently!  It's so great!!  I have finished a few things (nothing too big, I don't do big these days!)  I am having so much fun.  Last Saturday, I had some errands to run..and I popped into the shop to "find a new project".  I had such a nice time being a customer!!!  I looked through racks, looked through the fabrics, decided on which fibers to use...talked to the girls.  It was awesome! I rather liked being a customer ;)  It's funny, I really hadn't stitched for awhile..and it's like being back with an old friend.  I am definitely in the "one more stitch" mode, and have to have a project on the ready before I finish my current project!  And, SHOCK of all SHOCKS..I am even thinking about some little trinkets as Christmas gifts!  And it's EARLY for me!!!  I have to say...I haven't felt such a kindred for a project, nor have I seen a piece capture as much affection as a piece I just finished.....

Lizzie Kate's To Do List
It definitely struck a chord in many people.  My non stitching friends wanted a picture that they could use as their screen saver on their phones! I think it speaks to what a lot of us want and slow down a bit and focus on some of the important things in life! 
(you'll notice with most stitching pictures a link.  You can click the link and go to the page in our online catalog to see it and order it if you'd like :-)
I also finished stitching this cute little free design that is the freebie that is being sent out in our mail order packages right's a cutie.....
Reindeer Kiss!
He was so fun to stitch...
(look for it at the shop, it's free with a purchase...or look for it in your mail order packages :-)
Little House Needleworks is a favorite of ours around the shop (and from the looks of what I send out it's the favorite of many of yours!).  As I have been pondering Christmas goodies...Little House has many designs that are quick stitches that are great for stitching for quick projects..for giving or for keeping or for decorating!  This is what I am stitching on now......
Doesn't it look lovely??? bahahaha!  It doesn't look like much, but when you're stitching over one..IT SURE IS!!  There was a time when I stitched a LOT over one, I haven't in recent years...but I decided to give it a try.  In fact...looking at things for Throwback Thursday (If you haven't checked that fun little diddy, it's on our facebook page.  We've been updating that NEVER know what you'll find there! You can find us at ) Before I go on...I have to show y'all this one....
Who remembers THESE?  YES, I stitched them OVER ONE...and that's A LOT of stitching.  It was back in eyes were MUCH stronger! 
As usual....I digress.  I was talking about Little House Needleworks.  She has 2 new designs coming out..and they are as adorable as ever!
Home is Where the Sunflower Grows
Little Sheep Virtues, Kindess, #11
If you haven't seen this series, it is ADORABLE. One Virtue for each month... Here are a few from that series.  (if you are interested you can purchase the entire 12, if you pay for all 12 at once, our gift to you, is that you only have to pay for 10...2 for free!)
Little Sheep Virtues, #2 .. Love (Feb)
Little Sheep Virtues, #1 .. Hope (Jan)
There are many more!  I just had time for a few.  I just think these are great, quick little projects!
Some other favorite quickies from Little House....
Peace on Earth

Hometown Holiday - My House
(Hometown Holiday is another darling series!)
Joy and Peace
We hope you enjoyed these as much as I am! 
If you're interested in getting started on some of them....Friday thru Sunday would be a good time to get your projects ready, because.....
The Moon is full
So Round out your stash
Look through your projects
then make a mad dash...
If fabrics and floss
are the items you seek
then give us your order
by the end of the week!!!
Well, it means we have FULL MOON FEVER!
Starting on Friday, October 18...ending on Sunday, October 20.
Place your orders, and when ordering fibers and floss for a project or to complete a project you have on hand...
Get 20% OFF of the FIBERS and FLOSS
There will be a newsletter coming out on Friday that will also have some new goodies...
Full Moon Fever, Baby.
Huge Hugs,
(Just Breathe)


  1. This was a fun read. So happy you are back and feeling good again. Also great to see a picture of your Mom, one of my favorite people ever. Miss you guys. Would love to see all of you sometime. Many Happy Stitches, Sandra

  2. Ruth Ellen! Barbara Jackson here! Was checking up on Sandra and who do I find? A face from the past. But I recognized it before I even knew what blog I was on. Hope everyone is doing fine. I agree with Sandra - we need to get the old guard together again.

  3. Hi Catherine!
    Great post! I love all the pictures...Little House Needleworks has some wonderful designs, don't they? I love the the little "kiss" you stitched! Darling!
    Blessings to you!
    Louise in NC