Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Stitching

Hey there my friends :-)
     How is everyone's Saturday going?  It's rainy, here in Southeastern PA...but it's warm today. I haven't decided if I would prefer sunny and cold or rainy and hunch is sunny and warm!  GOOD NEWS...only 79 days until Opening Day.  I'm guessing that many of you know just what Opening Day I'm waiting for.......
     My husband (Jay) and Antie (Beth, my sister :) left to take our oldest son Jimmy to baseball prax. (hint hint)  Chris (our youngest son) is doing some pre game hoops out in the garage...and I thought, what a great time to blog a bit, so here I am for a few, before I am off to take Christopher to his basketball game.  Kinda like your favorite stitching spot...I am in my cozy spot at my computer. Surrounded by favorite photos and momentos, with my own music on the phone (OK that sounds weird....but that's how I listen to music now!! ) where my creative juices can flow.  Funny how we all have a special space, huh?

Here's my guardian angel that I got at a yard of my boys and my niece..momentos of my boy's preschool days...and of course a diet coke!! Our sons go to St Cornelius and we love that our faith is as much a part of their school day as math and English. The picture to the left of the swan is by my son Jimmy when he was 5.
It reads,
"My gift to Jesus is to act like Him. I wood (would) be nus (nice) to others.  I will be nus to eve (every) budey (buddy).
Simple, sweet..out of the mouths of babes.
     So, what are you all stitching on, this Saturday?  Something for yourself...a gift for another, that project you have waiting to start?? I always love January...because I feel like it's time to start a new that!  I have been working on new designs.  After a long hiatus...I am hoping to be back up and designing on a regular basis...with a slightly different twist!  Look for designs from Serenity Stitches in the not too distant future.  Today, however, I have taken a little break from "creating" to "re-creating"! A very close friend of mine is going through some anxious isn't easy, is it? I have certainly learned that we all have "stuff" in our lives...nobody's bigger or smaller than anyone else's.  So, I am stitching a little pick me up for her....that I am going to have finished into a pillow, by our finisher.  You've seen it before..because I've stitched it before....
I stitched this for the shop...and posted it several times...and it really "spoke" to a lot of people.  I have to say, it was one of my most favorite things to stitch, because it "spoke" to me too.  It's kind of like Jimmy's little's simple and straightforward....and sometimes we need that reminder.  I'm enjoying stitching this for my sweet girl, Alayna!
Here's a little snippet of one of the my new designs for Serenity Stitches :-)
It is making it's way to the creative mind of Molly made frames...and will feature a hand carved/hand painted mat <3 class="separator" p="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> 
If you're looking for a new might want to try a design by With Thy Needle/Country Stitches.  The Strawberry Sampler is going retro! hahah....we used to have a Designer of the Month and Project of the Month...and we loved it! It's time to bring it back!  Our first Designer of the Month is Brenda Gervais, with With thy Needle.  During January....all designs from this talented designer will be 20% off.  And for the week, starting on January 10...our Project of the Week is Paper Snowflakes, from With thy Needle.  When you purchase the entire project (floss, fabric and design) receive 20% off of the entire "kit".  What fun!!! Pop over to our With Thy Needle page to do some browsing.

I think this is absolutely lovely...and great for this wintery time of year!
Framing Sale: January 11 ~ January 25
Now that you've finished all your gift-giving, you can bring in those pieces to do for yourself!  From Saturday, January 11 thru Saturday, January 25th, all custom framing (including the mounting fee) is 20% off.  We don't like to let Lise up for air... So, finish up those last few stitches & find those finished pieces you put on the back burner before Christmas, & bring them in to be framed!!!!!
Well, it's time to finish up and get my ginger headed boy over to his basketball game.
Hoping you all have a wonderful day. 
Drop me a line and tell me what you're stitching!
And....can I just say..
huge hugs,



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  1. Love the cross stitch going to New England Samplers!!