Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blackbird Stockings

If you haven't seen these graphs by Blackbird they are a must-see!! Phyllis is stitching these and has been using scraps of various fabrics-some are over dyed, some aren't. Some are 30ct, some 28ct, some 32ct. They're not all on the same color fabric either...I'm going to try to photo them and get them up by Friday-say your prayers!!

Lots of construction still happening here at the shop but it isn't stopping so many of you wonderful people from coming in-and we can't thank you enough!!! We are hoping that it will be winding down soon-We can't wait to see the finished product--
Have a great Wednesday!! BTW did you see our Phillies boys in the All-Star game?? Go Chase, Shane, Ryan and my favorite, Jayson!! You make us proud!! Molly

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