Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a great day to stitch...

Here's a selection of some new products-something for everyone-"The Boys Are Back In Town" is an adorable picture of trick or treaters- a free graph given with the purchase of the button pack. Victoria Sampler's Tea Party is elegant! I have shown it as VS does-as a framed picture, as a tea cozy and a close-up of the stitching-This has to be one of my favorites of theirs. Val has done her kitties proud-these little furry guys are shown in season with buttons adorning-you will see a model of these going up at some point here at the shop. Lastly, Gloria and Pat have released a new book with friendship designs-really precious!! (Get it? Precious Moments?? Are you awake yet???) I hope you're having a good day-it is gray here-misty and soothing. A great day to turn on an Alfred Hitchcock movie, grab a coffee and blankie (aka blanket), and curl up on the sofa with your stitching and best furry friend. Enjoy!! Talk to you soon--Molly


  1. I love the tea cosy- does it come with finishing instructions?

  2. Hi LadyDoc-Yes, it does come with step-by-step directions--it's sweet, isn't it?? Thanks so much for your comments!! Molly