Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pink sky at night, I wasn't right!

Well, it has been anything but a sunny day here in New Hampshire-it has been pouring buckets of rain-I was soooo wrong about that pink sky last night-must have been hallucinating!!
Saw these two new designs from Little House-just wait 'til Beth sees the sailing one!!! Beth, I will have to stitch that to go along with my "Ship of Fools"!! Years ago I stitched a ship at sea from Need'l Love designs-the correct name was Ship of Life but of course we nicknamed it Ship of Fools-it one of my most favorite pieces that I have stitched-and my dear friend Abby framed it for me! So many memories!! Well, both of these designs are beautiful and will be most popular....Hope you all are not floating away nor are you baling water out of your basements or boats!! Molly

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  1. I was in your shop on Wednesday and bought a bundle of stuff to take home to Kentucky with me. Thanks so much to all of you who helped me figure out what I needed...and how much! (I can't believe he let me buy all that silk floss!!!!)
    Wish I had a shop like yours near home. On second thought maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea...I'd be in the poor house!