Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Friday! We are busily getting ready for Sunday's Superbowl Sale--we are hoping we will be able to be open and given that the show is supposed to stop Saturday afternoon maybe the roads will be okay??!!
We have seen lots of familiar faces today-lots of people in to shop today with their filled frequent stitchers!
These are three of the squares from the soon to be released Autumn at Hawk Run...we have put it up on our web to pre-order...I will be posting more as I find it...and we will try to get as much as we can up on the web to order or pre-order...
Take care of yourselves, be safe out there-and call us Sunday morning after 11 AM to be sure we are here before venturing out-we will have a message on the machine as to the status so be sure to listen!! More later today!! Molly

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