Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nemo!

Above-new from Primitivebetty-love it!

Here it is Friday again and I feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished-I spent the day yesterday stitching, grocery shopping and doing laundry and didn't get a single picture of Miss S on her new bed-what a slug! And now today is bubby Nemo's big 1st birthday (a made-up day as I don't know when he was really born) -the above picture was his first night at my house-his little face tells it all-what have I gotten into? But he is such a little imp and loves his big brother, Miley.

Heading to stitching in a few minutes-looking forward to seeing some of you there! I've only brought three projects with me :D
The new Country Cottage Snowflake Serenade and Little House North Wind graphs will be next week-and don't forget about our post-Thanksgiving free gift we give away while supplies last-we also will be having another special on Friday and Saturday-stay tuned...
Have a good weekend, get some stitching in, and thank you to all of you that emailed/called/stopped in with recipes!!
Til next week--Molly

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