Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November-Yikes!!

HI all-To those that dared to come visit Beth, Lise and myself on Saturday we thank you!! To Mary W. thank you for the candy--we ate it for lunch (no time for the healthy stuff on Saturday--too busy!) and now there are three pieces left!! Oh my!! To Pat P. thank you for your commiseration about the Phillies and do come to stitching-we miss you!! To Podzi and was good to see you! To Barbara S. we will get lots more in To Diane P. thank you for sending and bringing in Cole Hamel's pic--Good to see you too, Carla S. To the many others that came and kept us smiling we thank you so much! We had a fun day-and we live vicariously through you when we help you pick out projects!!

The above has me jumping for joy-you all know I love these designs and these are spectacular!!

Hope you had a good Halloween-we had 132 Trick or Treaters-lots from the two college campuses nearby-I love both the younger and older kids-all very polite-all eager for some fun. My favorite this year was a little girl and her sister-a peacock and a butterfly-so sweet! Brings back really good memories of my childhood...hope it does for you too!

More soon! M

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