Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Hello fellow stitchers! Happy Birthday, Abby!! Happy Birthday eve to my Sammy-girl!! And thank you to my fellow Friday night stitchers!! It was a fun group-some new faces, some not as new(don't want to say "old" !!) We had a great time and thanks to Lise for the coconut macaroons!!
Got back for NH last night-my Southwest flight was 1.5 hours late so bedtime was very, very late for me...was a good weekend with my folks and my great niece's 1st birthday (the Molly Sampler was for her)...her mum (my niece) loved it-which is always a great feeling-giving such a huge piece of yourself away can be tricky-my stitched pieces become a part of me-I kept a picture of little Molly with the piece and thought about her/her future as I stitched...it's a creation of the heart and hands...and to know that someone else will treasure it after it leaves your hands makes the heart and soul contented. I was reading a book that Beth bought called "The Secret Lives of Dresses"...it touched on similar issues-and there I was on the plane crying...the book has it's downfalls but it is an interesting one.
Hope all is good with you all-that you had a good weekend-I missed my pups but received such a warm, noisy, sloppy welcome home.
The above is going into my stash-it is the completed Inn at Fox River by Little House-I can not wait until it arrives here!!
Well, off to finish ordering Hoffman--enjoy your Tuesday!!

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  1. I cry on planes all the time. Let's see, reading books, watching movies without the sound, magazine articles... It's a good thing they don't have television commercials on planes! LOL. You're in good company.