Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peeks at upcoming favs!

Hi all-Hope you're seeing/feeling touches of Springtime! We hit almost 80 yesterday-Beth was so happy-me, I thought it felt a tad too warm-I enjoy the days of 50's and 60's-today, we are seeing our share of grey skies and showers-that' s what we're supposed to see, right? But days like this make it hard to get out of bed! Lucky for me I have those woofers that don't like to sleep too late!

Little House has given us a sneak peek at the Inn at Fox River...now you know that's a must for this fox lover! Poor Mr Miley has heard our neighborhood fox the past several nights-and he feels it his duty to bark him away at 3:30 in the morning! Sometimes there is that love/hate thing going for those foxes!

The next two are due out by Plum Street-I'm going to have to change mine from "lazy" to "crazy"!

Lastly is Country Cottage's next release-Red, White and Bloom-Connie is going to love this one!

Beth and I and the gang head to our first Phillie's game this week-after watching all of the basketball that has been on I haven't tuned in to see much baseball yet-this will get us kickstarted...

Well, back to mail order-thanks for checking in--hope all is good with you all!

xoxo Molly

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  1. Hey Molly!! I got my threads yesterday! Thank you!!

    Make sure you all check out my blog for pictures of my house! I posted them a little over a week ago :)

    I'll be in hopefully on Saturday for a frame for my first designed piece!! :o Miss ya!!