Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baltimore Part 1

Hi all-Am working from home today after attending the Baltimore market yesterday-we got there just before the heavens let loose with rain yesterday and now, being so tired today, I'm using caffeine to keep me awake today as the rain is falling here today! We had a great day yesterday, we saw many wonderful new things as well as lots of great recently new things that we will be sending out to be stitched! It is always one of my goals to find new ways of finishing, framing, displaying....and that we found!

I have to say that after leaving I was saddened not to be heading to the spot Beth and I found in St Louis-they had the best beers and cheeses I have ever had-and of course, our candython back in the room as we worked to get things up online.

The best things I saw are plentiful-

Blackbird's designs and ideas-all! Morning Star, Hallow Eve, Casting a Spell and A Schoolgirl's Work-a fab, fab book!

Priscilla's Pocket new designs and frames-Sweet Liberty especially!

Blue Ribbon's Quilted Garden

Chessie and Me-all! pumpkin Row Pincushion, Breath of Autumn, and All Hallow's Eve in the Hornbook

Puffin scissor fobs

Needlemade Designs Spottie Dog hornbook

New Sampler Threads

JBW Autumn Pumpkin over 1 on 40 count fabric with Dinky Dyes fiber!

JBW Christmas Bells over 1

JBW's anything stitched over 1!!

Samsarah's new "carrots" (Indian Corn which I keep calling carrots!)

Samsarah's new Beet!

Stitching Pretty's new Quaker Christmas II

Rosewood Manor's Quaker Compass (not brand new but seeing it stitched-oh my it is a beauty!)

Amy Brueken's Puppy Love and We've Been Waiting For You

Summer Stitches Star

Carriage House's Farm at Hawk Run

We'll be getting lots up online within the next few days-keep checking back frequently for pictures of what we have, what we'll be getting, what to look forward to coming soon!

Hope you all are good and haven't had to get a ticket for Noah's big boat!

xoxo Molly

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