Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long time no Blog

Hi all-Once again I am apologizing for the HUGE gap of time without blogging-chalk it up to me being so busy here with the day-to-day tasks...so without any more excuses I hope all is good with you all-I haven't been up to visit Mom and Dad in Vermont since Hurricane Irene hit-they did send me newspaper clippings that documented the horrors. They have been actively assisting the Veterinarian with people needing help with their pet's needs/medications. My niece, their granddaughter is doing a silent auction to benefit those that lost their homes. And she has a "walk in tent" filled with free clothing for those that lost everything. As a community they have pulled together...it is a testament to the good we can do.

I am going to peruse the net today (given the time) -saw a snippet of the newest Shepherd's Bush stocking "Thomas" (see above picture) and can't wait to see it completed! I have seen several snippets of the "coming soon" designs from WTN/CTS and will post a link to their site-http://www.withthyneedleandthread.blogspot.com/....I can't post any "WIPS" here as it is a copyright infringement-I do have to say I can't wait until the Winter Season , Merry Christmas to Ewe and November Words arrive 9see posts 9/13, 9/22, and 9/23 for pics).

Well, off to do my tasks-will be back this week with more (keep your fingers crossed!)

Be good to others-the world seems a bit chaotic now and kindness seems in short supply!

xoxo Molly


  1. Sure it's copyright infringement. But it's also good advertising. Patterns go viral like anything else. Designers are definitely going to have to think long and hard about that one because there are so many designs I would NEVER buy unless I had seen them stitched. I suppose if all the designers did a better job taking photographs of their work, they wouldn't need this kind of help selling their work.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your progress with your new start, "Thomas".

    Crossing in Stitches With You!