Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New from Little House

Happy Tuesday-This morning on Fox Philadelphia they so kindly pointed out that next Friday is Black Friday and I was thinking "They are so wrong!"...much to my surprise I am the one that is "so wrong"...how did that happen?? Friends of mine have started their shopping-one is nearly finished-I so haven't! And though I don't love shopping like I used to, I do enjoy Christmas shopping--and wouldn't want to be finished (I wouldn't mind being started though-perhaps this weekend!)
So we had a nice visit from Cat, Brett, Peggy Lee, and Eileen...then later from Nikki-so good to see you all! Last week we had a really sweet surprise-out gal pal, Ellen, brought us an anniversary surprise-a big platter of sandwiches, soup, chips, and a goodie bag--we had never heard of this Cafe--Crazy Bones---the food was awesome! I am going back for more-especially the Picasso-citrus lime chicken salad, diced pineapple, dried cranberries, sliced brie, lettuce, and topped with crushed pecans--I know it sounds fabulous and it was!!it is on Naanams Road in Wilmington-thank you so much Ellen!!
The above is new from Little House-not out yet-a preview--gorgeous!
Hope all is good with you all--stay happy-stay safe--and hope to see you soon!

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  1. I absolutely MUST stop in to see you all at least once while in the area. Love you girls and your little shop too.

    See you in April!