Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Between

My apologies for my extreme absence--and today as I am in between activities (painting, calling, organizing this mess on my desk) I have decided to step up and say hi to you all! And to say we here in southeastern PA are doing okay--we send our prayers and best wishes to all in NJ, NY, CT, WV and PA that are still dealing with the wrath of Sandy--the pictures and stories we have seen and heard make out hearts ache!
This will be coming from Heartstring Samplery-Shooter's Mill--we LOVE her designs and she has been releasing sooooo many great ones!! 

And then there are these two that are coming soon from The Primitive Hare--another new-to-us favorite designer....The Six Wives of Henry VIII (does anyone remember watching some PBS show about Henry VIII or am I losing it??) and Christmas Carol Sampler (yes, I am one of those that can almost recite that movie word for the George C Scott version)....
Have been stitching a little ditty for one of the new hornbooks from Priscilla's Pocket and the Nantucket Sampler from Little House....will post pictures asap--
Well, off to cleanup that mess pictured above--Take good care of yourselves !


  1. I loved the Six wives on PBS, and no you are not old...I even have the series on "tape" and I just received my pattern from The Primitive hare. I cannot wait to start it. I am one of those strange stitcher who only does one project at a it will have to wait until 2013, maybe I will watch the series while stitching.

  2. I forgot to mention Christmas carol...big fan I have every version from Reginald Owens on...had to pick a favorite...Patrick Stewart closest version to book...but for pure fun and a great has to be The Muppets version with Michael Caine...

  3. OMGOSH! New and lost - how does this work??

  4. Mary-I LOVE the Muppet version-makes you feel like a kid again, huh?!!

  5. Molly, I have given you The Liebster award. Go to my blog to read about it.