Monday, June 10, 2013

Watching for Noah!

Hey all-I apologize for the extreme lag in my blogging efforts...suffice it to say that I have been corking holes here at the shop as fast as I can. But to say that more holes appear faster than I can cork is the reason for no blog posts...we are in the midst of a computer crisis while adding staff to assist with customer service and mail order while trying to keep up with the ordering and frames---sound familiar? Needless to say Catherine will be helping with the blog here--so look for entries from her!
As we solve some of the day to day issues you will hopefully see more from me as well! I hope all has been good with you all--and that you are getting some time for your stitching-I have started one of the newer LA D DA designs--Krissie Nelson--I actually started this shortly after my Sammy had surgery for her back left leg-she tore two she is seven weeks post surgery (I know I should have more stitched by now! I can't say this recoop period has been a walk in the park!!) and doing well! She is still limited in some activities and is working to gain strength but all in all doing remarkably well!
Take care and hope to chat with you soon!!

Molly and Sammy too!

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