Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Items From Columbus Show Due In

Greetings fellow stitchers! We are busily hunting down and ordering new items from the Columbus show-we are anticipating lots of goodies-and like you, can't wait for something new to add to our "want-to-do" pile!! So far we have been impressed with Mirabilia's newest "Mediterranean Mermaid"-this piece can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Also new-three Blue Ribbon designs-we love their patterns are wonderful, their directions fabulous...make sure you see all of the fobs and accessories that accompany each picture.

We have seen the newest Shepherd's Bush Halloween Night-will be put in the model box immediately...also in their Scatter series "Scatter Kindness"...

I will try to blog each day so you can see. like us, what is coming!!

Hope you're having a good day-make sure to tell your friends and family how very much they mean to you!! Until tomorrow-


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