Monday, June 22, 2009

Stitcher's Stash Reminder!!

The top two designs are sneak previews from Carriage House-Frederika is a companion to Frederick (did you see him stitched by Phyllis? Beautiful!) and the other one is Ravens and Pumpkins and Cats, Oh My!! Love the squiggly lives behind the pumpkin!! Love Halloween!!

The new Gentle Arts Sampler threads are in and are delicious! Left to right-Sunflower, Raspberry Frost, Autumn Leaves (my fav) and Chives...they will be great additions to your overdyed fibers-or if you're like me, you love to collect them just so you can pull them out and look at the pretty colors! Pathetic!!

This is La D Da's newest and has been popular already-a "do-able" quaker pattern-already in my pile!

Second design on this Bent Creek-the bee-I'm now wondering what could be next? What do you think?? Bueller? (From Ferris Bueller's Day Off...what can I say?)

Bent Creek's Uber Flag-Connie about fell over when she saw this-she is our red/white and blue gal...(although if she goes blue I'm ready with CPR).

I thought these two were so appropriate--LOVE them!!

Here are Little House's newest-Love One Another was designed in honor of the World Vision program-proceeds will benefit this

Just a reminder-if you have stitcher's stash don't forget-It MUST be used by the 30th of June-so you have ONE week-be sure to use it up-it is just like cash--
More new soon-I'll keep adding more new pics as they come in-Have a great day!! Molly

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