Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little House Previews

What a gorgeous morning! I hope wherever you are you are having the same glorious weather-it makes me happy!@! This morning the dogs and I were out in the back yard and saw not one, not two, but three foxes in the neighbors yard-don't worry, I keep close tabs on my dogs and the foxes are scared of us--two of the three took off-the last had found something to eat (thus bringing the other two forth!) and wasn't leaving--they are so beautiful-

Thus my next new project--The Fox and Hare by Carriage House...as I am looking items up for customers and ordering them I found this one and fell in love!! I am now on the hunt(ewwww) for more fox patterns! Let me know if you have a favorite!
The above remaining pics are previews of new designs from Little House-Frost Flakes, Liberty Belles and Singing the Blues--there is a market in Columbus in mid-June so you'll be seeing more new designs arriving-:)!!!!
Hope all is good with you all-I am off to the Phillies game tonight, to a graduation at St Joe's U tomorrow night and a concert Thursday night-not too crazy, huh??!!
More later--Molly


  1. Love the foxes. The "grass" design is really cool

  2. My favorite fox pattern is done by The Workbasket. It is titled the fox forest. It is beautiful when stitches.