Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It really is Wacky Wednesday on Tuesday!

Hi all-four more previews of great designs to come-Little House (we are going to be sooo sad when this ornament series is finished :0 ), Primitive Needle, Primitive Needleworks by Caryn and a designed from artwork by L. Kotila....all very appealing to me-to you too??
A huge shoutout to three people-first to Page M...she often will visit us on Wednesdays but chose today to stop in...and a good thing too-we had a customer shopping that wasn't feeling great and thanks to Page, an ICU nurse, she didn't head out before a little TLC...Page is to health issues as Jessica Fletcher is to murder-wherever they go, it follows!! Thank you, Page for being here at the right time!! We love you lots!
To Sherri we say thanks for trying to get us a supply of Whitman tins-I will let you know if she is able-the book"Sweet Stitches" by Sue Hillis is adorable and there are plenty of people looking for the tins...
To Peggy Lee, we say thank you for your compliments on your blog (which is a great blog--http://kentucky sampler.blogspot.com) We hope your summer is good and your ABC Tapestry is stunning!
To all of you stitchers, thanks for stopping by here and for your continued support and great comments---
Enjoy this much deserved great weather coming our way!!
Molly xoxo

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