Monday, September 13, 2010

Just can't wait for you to see...

There has already been so many exciting previews of items being released at St Charles at the end of the month-the top three will be released from Plum Street-the top is a design with a poem written, appropriately, by Robert Frost! The second is Boris, a companion to Olga-oh my goodness-he is fantastic!! If you haven't seen Olga, you must!

This third is Sea is eerie and fun! To see closer pics go to her blog are three "must-haves"!!
Next is a peak at a companion to This is Halloween by RTR/Shakespeare's Peddler...already you can see this is gonna be good!

If you haven't seen... we are now on Facebook!! Check us out--Beth and I are still new to this but Abby has been tutoring the old girls...not like we're behind the times or anything...
Hope all is good with you-thanks for stopping by-will have more for you each day I hope!

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