Friday, September 17, 2010

New--Lavendar and Lace and more...

Yahoo-we made it to Friday, once again...and yahoo's stitching tonight! I almost forgot my stitching this AM in the hubbub rush of leaving my house--that's what I need, to start yet another project!!!
So...a mishmash of new above--Yeah for a new Lavender and Lace...the next one is showing new pins (glass top) from Kelmscott along with a design from a kit from Wendy KC...then comes a limited edition kit from Shakespeare's Peddler...I LOVE THIS! It is just like Boggle-look for CAT, BOAT, FLOWER, BIRDS, BLOWN, BOWER, FLOWN...and it goes on!
Last but not least is the full pic of Pumpkin Cottage by Country Cottage...well, if you are not tempted by now, get out your thermometer and check for a temperature... or better yet just grab your wrist and check for a pulse!!
Take care and more soon!

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