Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New from Drawn Thread, Little House and Hodgepodge (new company)

A new company is Hodgepodge, one of Paulette Stewart's daughters (from Plum Street), is releasing the above terrific design!! We love Breanna already!! How sweet are they-and how they're finished...thanks, Amy, on the heads-up on this info!

The three above are new to be released from The Drawn Thread...Love these!! Note on the center design-"To Everything A Season"-the seasons change from house to house and within the border--

Last but certainly not least is Pumpkin Hollow from Little House...My favorite season has to be Autumn, cooler temperatures, lots of color, back to eating chili and cornbread, doggies can stay out and run longer, sweatshirts to cozy up in, the smell of pumpkins, fires in fireplaces, coffee at Wawa...
Hope you are good and enjoying your Autumn as well...more soon!


  1. Absolutely LOVE "To Everything A Season"!!! I wish I was a faster stitcher.
    You had to go and mention cornbread...didn't you?

    I see more minutes to my elliptical routine!