Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Molly's Challenge

Okay, so I've heard about and read about lots of different stitching challenges-many too unstructured for the likes of me. So after much mulling and stewing I have created my own challenge-anyone up for it? Well, read on and try it out!
Pick 10 new projects for 2011-kit them up--get 'em ready! The first project I shall work on during days 1-3 of each month.
Project 2-Stitch days 4-6 of each month.
Project 3-Stitch days 7-9...
Project 4- days 10, 11 and 12.
So you see the pattern...now granted certain months (ie February) project 10 will get gypped--so project 10 should be an easy one...
Okay, now to pick 10 projects...I will be posting my list-let me know what challenges you are trying or what projects you are going to pick...or what you think of this idea!
Hope all is good with you all and hope you are not overdoing too much!
xoxo Molly


  1. Sounds like a good system. I want to do the 15 projects, but ended up picking out, oh about 30 or so, LOL. I'll narrow it down before the first of year and include WIPs as well as a few new things I'm anxious to begin.
    So, well see how that goes. Keep us informed on your blog so we know how you're doing.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Your personal challenge sounds fun! I'm going to be starting the 15 projects (one a day from January 1-15), because I don't have any WIP's right now. Once they are all started, then I'm going to pick 4 or 5 at a time to concentrate on. I'll have one travel project (probably an ornament) that I'll take with me when I'm waiting to pick up my ds or dd from work or the library, and then at home I'd like to work on one of those 4 projects that I'm concentrating on for a week and then go on to the next one. As I finish one, I'll pick another one that is started to concentrate on. Also, each time I complete one I'll allow myself to kit up a new one. According to the challenge I only have to *finish* the first 15 that I start during the year, so I'll make sure that those are in my rotation first!! :-)

  3. I'm doing the 15 projects, but maybe in the later months, as I am trying to get those done I'll switch to your structured method.

  4. Sounds like an easy enough system for me to follow, but I am afraid to commit to any challenges with my crazy schedule!