Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi all-Okay I've have been accused of switching up my order of projects in my challenge and, in a world of many that don't take responsibility, I am here to say, yes, I am guilty. But to be fair I am being accused by someone that would not even try the challenge. Furthermore, I am staying within the confines of my list-I have not deviated to other projects. In fact, I have stayed the course of the three days per project. So I say to my buddy Beth, bring it!
The first two above are coming from Amy Brueken and the third a sneak preview from Lizzie Kate-a Spring Alphabet...
Hope you all are good-not too sick of this weird January weather-I kind of like it but don't want to let my sunny weather loving friend, Beth know-so don't tell her I said--
Take care and enjoy this fabulous stitching weather!!
PS Sad we won't have stitching tonight-but after a bad accident on black ice I will be just fine with Mr Miley on my lap tonight!

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