Thursday, February 3, 2011

New from Prairie Schooler

Hi all-sorry it has been forever since I've updated you on the news-Beth and I have been crazy-busy trying to keep up with the mailorder, the web, ordering and the store-and it has been fun! There are tons of new goodies about to be released-and of course, this weekend is our annual Superbowl Sale! So I have been working like a dog (although my dogs don't work so hard-maybe I don't push them enough!!HAHA) to get items up today-and will again, tomorrow-so there will be lots to choose! The sale is from 12 noon until 4PM --20% off all but Dazor lights, DMC floss-we don't take framing in on Sunday either-other that that it's all up for grabs! Even the items that haven't made it to our shop yet!
Well, the above are new from Prairie Schooler and my favorite is As the Crow Flies-I think I will take it and use some overdyed floss like I did with Christmas Eve-that is when I finish up one of my challenge pieces-am back to Sampler Roundy and want to finish before Sunday so as to get it in one of our new round black boxes--stay tuned! The challenge is going extremely well-in fact I would highly recommend it--
Well, off to make dinner for my hard-working dogs!! New pics of them as well!!
Hope to see you (or hear from you) on Sunday!

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