Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Stitching

Good morning all-I wanted to say what a fun time I had on Friday night-what a great group of gals (but then again it always is a blast!)...thank you to Linda R for the recipes-it took all of my power not to make the banana pudding (I knew I would eat the whole dern thing!) but now that the week has started I can make it and bring it in to share!! We had a couple of new faces (Donna's not a new name though-it was nice to put a face to you, Donna!) and many old ones (not age wise!!)--we had all sorts of discussions and sharing and fun!
What a gorgeous weekend of nice weather we had too-My Nemo has become obsessed with some chipmunks that hang out in my yard-he really wants to get ahold of one-yikes! It certainly doesn't help that they squeek when they run! That is one of the tough parts of Springtime is the wildlife that become oh so interesting!
The above is Bunny & Co that is now in cross stitch-and will be available soon! I started one of the carrots from Harried Hare from Samsarrah-it is ADORABLE! I will get a picture up tomorrow!
I hope you all are doing wwll and had a good weekend-keep stitching!
:) Molly

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  1. Hey there Molly!! Sorry I couldn't make it Friday night! My house was first priority that night :) I will get pictures up as soon as I can so you guys can see them :) It was great to see you all while I was at the shop! Hopefully you'll see me more often since I'll be living closer again!! :)