Friday, March 4, 2011

A Week

I dedicate today's blog to Lisa Roswell, the designer of Primitive Needle. She was tragically taken from us on Monday...she was on her way to work as an oncology nurse when her car was swept off the road. She was a very creative, very talented, extremely kind, funny sweet person! Her designs are some of my very favorites and as you may know I am currently stitching one. I shall miss her -I shall miss her contributions to our stitching world-I can't imagine the pain her family is enduring...I will think of her with every stitch on my ABC Hornbook.
I have added more items to the Nashville New on our website and will try to post more next week-I am heading up to NH to be with my parents while my dad has his second cataract surgery.
I wish you all a good weekend-I will be back hopefully on Thursday-Poor Beth is still trying to figure out my gobbledigoop way of doing things-I shall miss my workerbees-and my pups-but know they are all in good hands...
Take good care of yourselves and those you love!!


  1. The news about Lisa was a shock. Thoughts and prayers to her family. Good luck to your dad with his surgery and have a safe trip.

  2. So very sad about Lisa, I can't believe it. I, too, am stitching two of her designs and have a number of others. Prayers and healing energy to all who loved.