Friday, March 11, 2011

Made it to Friday!

Well, here we are-we've made it to Friday-what a long week-My trip to NH was okay-Dad did not have his surgery-it was postponed until May as he went to the ER on Sat night with a UTI (urinary tract infection)-but it was a blessing as he is feeling better than he has in two years. So we'll do it again in May.
Terrible news about Japan-watching the footage has been so disturbing! It seems lately that water has done such damage...praying for all involved...
Lots of great new items from Nashville and beyond-we are still seeing new items arrive-so hard to decide what I want to get!! And now I have an opening in my rotation-Boris or Wild Roses or As The Crow Flies or Thirteen Colonies or Harried Hare or J'Arrive or Yellow Bird or....
The above are from Brooke's and from Rosewood Manor-the Wishes ornament (the basket)will be in soon-the Hope one (the Bunny) and the Quaker Compass from Rosewood Manor will be out in April!
Have a good weekend-lots of hugs and kisses to your critters-take good care of you!!

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