Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New from Sticks, Heart in Hand and Shepherds Bush

Hi all--well, after trying the "new editor" in the blog world, I have returned to the old-after two days of trying to figure out how the h__ to post pictures from my picture file I have decided that being an old fogy is just fine!

Four new kits are being released from Sticks as seen above--and Heart in Hand's yearly adorable Santa and a sweet Wee Snowman on a Hill...they should all be here within the next two weeks.

Also, the new Shepherds Bush stocking is gorgeous! I can't wait for that to arrive-and it calls for over dyed Pearl Coton by Weeks and Crescent--

I tried to watch the game last night but every time I walked into the room something would happen-so I had to work in another room and wait for screams from my little buddy William (9 years old) ...I am soooo relieved that we now only have to win one of two games. Beth and I missed our annual trip to St Louis-there is a fabulous restaurant/bar there called Bridge-very unique! Will be watching/listening to the game tonight-love Roy Oswalt and think that he is underrated by the Philly Phans-only hope my love for him exists tomorrow am!

Off to work on more frames-hope you all are good and enjoying these lovely autumnal days--and that you are getting some time for your stitching!

Talk to you later this week and GO PHILLIES!


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  1. Lovvvvvve the new Sticks!! I may have to get the "Harvest" one....

    Miss you gals! Hope to stop in soon to see you all!!