Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flowers and birds and doggies oh my!

Well, it's Thursday and normally I'm off hanging with my pups but so behind at the shop that I came in early to try to get caught up--Earlier this week I FINALLY moved into this century and got a smartphone--turned in my dinosaur! Took a pic of Nemo this morning-sad as his Mollygirl was heading out again--Not to worry, buddy, I'll be home early to play in the yard!

I will be adding more new items "to come" tomorrow-was so happy to see the new Cricket Collection charts arrived yesterday--Am going to take the Flower Power chart, button, and 20WDW Guacomole to stitch up this little cutie...see the picture from Shepherds Bush above! The chart is free with the purchase of the button--(I was such a "Flower Power kid-had stickers all over my wall mirror !)

Above is one of the new Country Cottage charts that will be within the next few weeks-along with the May Cottage-it feels like May out there, doesn't it?? Enjoy-and don't forget to catch all of the beautiful colors of Spring these next few weeks!

M )