Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coming soon from Cricket Collection

Howdy all! Beth and I just found these and love-love-love these! You know which one is our very favorite--be sure to see these soon!

Hope all is good with you all-we've been busy trying to get all of the new goodies in from the Market--Beth and I were sooo disappointed that we couldn't go this year--hopefully there will be a show in Baltimore again--I haven't checked yet...

Been stitching lots of little birdies--finished the bird in Blackbird's Autumn book and now on to Old Crow from La D Da...if you're in check the new model wall for four models that I have stitched--will try to get a picture posted later this week!
Off to order more new things-I hope you've been enjoying what has been released! And on to decide our Wacky Wednesday theme!

Take care and be good to your loved ones! Molly

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  1. OH. MY GOD. Save me Beach and Easter, please!!!!!!

    Miss you gals!!!