Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New from Loose Feathers/Blackbird Designs

Hello all-I have returned from my long weekend (thank you, Beth for letting me go once again) up to NH...My dad's birthday (#84) was Sunday so a big to-do for him...a little too much for me...and now glad to home with my pups!
Beth warned me about the above--"You're going to love this Molly" and she is right...this is the first of this year's Loose Feather Collection by Blackbird Designs...and I can't wait!
We are having our PJ/March Madness sale this Fri/Sat...make sure to get your new goodies either online Friday night or Saturday morning or here at the shop Saturday...we will be having lots of fun prior to the big games!
Hope all is good with you all-and that you are enjoying your stitching...Until later...