Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting ready for the storm!

Afternoon, stitchers! Just talked to Eileen who said the grocery store is a free-for-all! Of course, I want to do a trial run of the vegan cake I'm making for next Saturday-I'm going to do a Candy Cane Icing (from Cook's Holiday Baking)-bringing it in to work on Monday (weather permitting!).So I think I'll wait til 9PM to go to Genuardi's...
Little House is releasing the Pear ornament soon and the above in January-note his body is a snowflake!! Love him!!
We are on a sugar-high here today-our favorite present came today-Kringle from Racine, WI. It is fabulous! Don't read the nutritional label-we have each eaten like 24 kabillion Their kringle is THE BEST! Flaky, buttery, yummalicious!
Hope all is good with you all-I am trying to finish a few little stitcheries for Christmas.
Will hopefully post more new-stay safe tomorrow... Molly

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