Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday afternoon

Greetings all-I hope you enjoyed the snow on Saturday-I still have a ton in my backyard...not as much down here at work. My Miley Coyote LOVES the snow-he hops around like a bunny and chases the little balls of snow that he creates. Unfortunately, when we went inside we spent a good 15 minutes with the hairdryer-he had big snowballs built-up on the backs of his legs and his belly. Sammy-Girl stayed with us (she takes such good care of him!) and got some warm air on her belly (even though she has not a flake on her! Her hair rejects it!!)...Beth and I are going to put together a display of gifty ideas for stitchers and their elves....also going to add more discontinued models for sale-just got notification that Dimensions has slimmed down their line...keep you eyes open for these...the above pic is to come from Victoria's is dedicated to all of the times we stitchers flock together for retreats, classes, meals, or just to be...Thea says that if you stitch this piece you too have become a stitching friend of hers...very sweet!...Take care and have a good night!! Molly

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