Monday, December 21, 2009

Pear Ornament by Little House due in Wednesday

Happy Monday all! I hope you are not as frazzled as I am-trying to tie up loose ends....just found out that one gift is out of stock and so had to reorder and pay an exorbitant shipping fee...made a vegan chocolate cake last night-turned out great but unwrapping 48 candy canes and getting them down to a fine granule was very noisy ( just ask Mr. Miley-he vacated the kitchen until it was time to taste test the frosting..sorry buddy, no chocolate cake for you!!) my tree up and was thrilled that Miley actually loved it!! He was jumping around, racing to and fro...until the ornaments went on...then he looked sullen-not sure why!!
We had about 18 inches of snow on Saturday-dogs LOVED it! I had to make paths for them-Sammy stuck her head down under like a duck in water-she was looking for chipmunks!! Miley was "Tigger-hopping"-licking the snow!
Hope you all had a good weekend-won't it be nice when January comes and we can sit back and stitch??!! The above ornament should be here Wednesday--
Til tomorrow--Molly

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