Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday update

New from Hoffman-also we will have the new books from Bent Creek, Cricket Collection, Ink Circles this week...note the spelling error on the Sampler Girl design-poor her! (Except versus Accept)...Have a good weekend!! Molly


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  2. This is an old sampler verse dated 1819 as the sampler states on my website. Sorry you are unfamiliar with old sampler verses and their misspellings AND wording mistakes.


  3. I have been stitching alot of Tanya's samplers and I LOVE them!
    She is very knowledgable, her and her mom, with stitching history and samplers. She gives basic interesting facts in her patterns and on her webshop explains the meaning of each of her samplers. This word Except was not an error, it's how the word was in the verse. She has that information on her webshop and explains it well.
    I love it myself. Retaining the original meaning and spelling of words from verses on samplers shows excellent, intelligent designing.

    Jennifer Dalenberg
    Feathers in the Nest

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  5. You would think having women who've worked in and around samplers for a collective 100+ years and having been in business for 30 years that you would know the history of samplers and that their verses were mostly stitched (created) by young girls as early as the age of 5 who would quite commonly mis-spell their words...I believe Tanya of The Sampler Girl designs beautiful samplers and her style of keeping with the origin of sampler verses is one of the qualities that I believe makes her a successful designer...I am taken aback over your condescending comment of her Except this posie sampler and thinking she dumb wittedly mis-spelled the word...not very professional on your part referring to her as "poor girl"...I would think you would do a follow up post apologizing to her for your err...