Friday, April 30, 2010

Ideas for Graduation stitching

Happy Friday to you all-What a busy time of year this is! What a weekend I have coming up and I'm sure you all are in the same boat-if only we could find those stinking paddles, huh?!
We have had sooo many people ask for Graduation samplers to stitch-and believe us when we say we would love to have many in stock but there aren't many out there-after a dear customer, Yvonne, came in Wednesday to pick up one she stitched our brains started whirring...why does it specifically have to say "graduation", right??! So, I have posted some traditional graduation pieces as well as some samplers that could be adapted for graduation! Please let us know if we can order anything from above or if we can help you adapt something you have or we have here already...
Have a good weekend-try to get some "you" time to stitch, read, sit in the sun, daydream!~! Hopefully, I'll be posting some "new" pics later today!! xoxo Molly

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