Friday, April 23, 2010

Hope to see you (or hear from you) tomorrow!

Hey all-So sorry I haven't been blogging this week much-I have been in a tear to get the new stuff up on our website and have been negligent on all else! Buggers! To all of you waiting on frames, info, and recipes...I will back to business next week!

Now, I found my cute PJ's last night and am ready for tomorrow-can't wait to see you all (or hear from those that live too far!)...we have posted lots of great new stuff and are now waiting for it to arrive-so get here and pre-pay for it tomorrow-or get your Carriage House graphs at 20% (with PJ's 25%!) off-such a deal!

My Miley and Nemo went to vet for check-ups today-Little Nemo is now 11 pounds!! WOW! And this AM he came down the big set of stairs by his lonesome! He's growing up! AWW! I will get more pics up! And Mr Miley is good-this AM as we walked in I looked down and he had an azalea flower tucked into his ear-he looked so pretty-wish I had had a camera! Sammygirl is good-tolerating those two boys!

Well, you all get a good night's sleep and see you in the early morn!!

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