Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Upcoming events!

Hi all-just wanted to apologize for not getting more up for you to see-and I wanted to let you know about upcoming events--

This Friday is our monthly Stitching at the Ford-5:30-10PM-please let us know if you can come-or if you've been coming and won't be able to come please let us know too-we need a head count for the room--

Secondly-next Saturday (April 24th) we are having our Pajama Party starting at 7AM-details are on our website

Third-We are having Strawberry Stash this week-for every $5 dollars you spend you get $1 in stash to spend in June on ANYTHING!!! A great deal-so say you spend $25.00 you will get $5 free dollars back...fantastic!

Okay, now for the new stuff!! The above are from--Just Nan, Plum Street, Little House ,Samplers Remembered, My Big Toe(mini fobs-these are only a few-so cute-ladybug, doggie, mermaid., autumn leaves, ocean...lots of cute ones! A great gift too)...and Primitive Needleworks--
Hope all is good with you on this most gorgeous day-such a contrast from yesterday here!!
Take care and don't forget about all of the upcoming events!! Molly

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