Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New limited edition Just Nan due early Nov

Hi all-didn't want you to think that hammer injury had taken me down!! Haha@@!! All is good!! News--A new limited edition Just Nan pocket and thread winder are due here early November-we have six of each ordered so pre-order yours today!! This is the second in the series-the first was an owl pocket with owl thread winder (I think we have only one left!) Speaking of series, wasn't Roy Oswalt fabdabulous???!!! More later--Hope you have a good day-GO PHILLIES!!! Molly :)


  1. Ohhh no that is super cute. I have not bought any stash ALL year prehaps this will have to be mine :)

    I am sorry to say this but Go GIANTS :)

    Take care and stitch on!

  2. AS a sheep fanatic, I simply have to have one of these. Is this enough of a message to pre-order one?