Friday, October 15, 2010

Ripping up carpet

Hi all-Hope all is good with you all-It's Friday!! Yahoo!! And the PHILS start tomorrow-anyone else nervous besides Beth and me?? We aren't nervous about the wins or losses-we know they can do it-this anticipation is what's getting us!!

So if anyone EVER tells you that ripping up carpet is easy---NEVER, EVER believe them! I spent twelve-12-!@!@-hours yesterday ripping up carpet, padding and my hands! I got hit on the head by a hammer (supposedly not intentionally-hmmm) and then, because of the dust and fibers, having an asthma attack-almost had to call 911. What a mess~! But it is finished (save for throwing the carpet out the window)...
New pictures are from Little House, Mirabilia, Plum Street and Ink Circles...
Son't forget Stitching at the Ford is tonight...and The Strawberry Sampler is getting ready to celebrate our anniversary!! Check out the website for details!!

Hope to see you tonight--
Gimpy aka Molly

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