Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday-A Calmer Me

Hi all-Above is just a teaser of lots more to come-Little House, Blackbird, Erica Michaels to name just a few of the designer's goodies that haven't even made it to our Nashville pages yet...hopefully I can get more up tomorrow-toady is mail order and orders in to designers and distributors. I am on a slower, lower key today-Tuesday I was so focused on getting the newsletter out ...Last night I stayed up and watched American Idol (I will be up again tonight-dern!) A few of my favorites are already gone-dern dern!
I have heard more from Beth-they are good but saddened to see a country in devastation-will be wearing my red and black tomorrow-and looking forward to seeing their faces Monday. I realize what a well-oiled machine we are and missing a huge chunk of the machine has been a challenge-thanks to all of you that have been so kind and supportive...
Well, heading off to order more goodies-My Sammy girl is to the vet today for a biopsy-I'm hoping for the best!!
Take care of yourselves! Molly

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  1. All best for a positive outcome on the biopsy. From Nikki and Stella