Friday, September 25, 2009

Beth and I are off to St Louis!

Beth and I are getting ready today for our trip to St Louis/ St Charles...we are looking forward to seeing lots of new goodies, lots of great model ideas, lots of new product lines/companies. There have been so many great teasers...the above are two more. The top on is Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, the bottom is by Cherrywood. This is a cash and carry show so Beth and I will bring back as much as we can--and will be ordering lots too!! I am really thrilled to see so many good projects--Have a great day and I will update the blog from out west this weekend-keep checking back!! Let me know if you see anything you like....Take care--Molly


  1. I just got back from visiting your store for the first time and WOW!!! I stayed there for at least two hours and could have continued to shop much longer but I reached my cash limit. That doesn't take long with an inventory like yours!
    I cannot begin to thank you enough for being so kind in taking the time to answer my stitchy questions and helping me find just what I needed.
    Have a safe trip to St. Louis. Who knows...maybe I'll visit you again soon to see what you've brought back with you!

  2. Thank you, Peggy for your very gracious comments-it was a pleasure to have you here! We wish you much luck on your test and on the next several weeks!! We'll be thinking about you and hoping your stitching brings you some sanity!!