Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coming soon-My Big Toe and Primitive Needle :)

Good morning-Am loving all of the NEW that we're seeing pre-St Charles (the trade show in Missouri later in September)..above will be in our shop late Sept/early Oct...Love the very first one from Primitive Needle-a compilation of tombstone rubbings...Heard Melodie Homer on a morning talk show this Am-she is the wife of the late LeRoy W. Homer, the co-pilot of Flight 93, the flight that went down in western was sad to hear the indifference that has grown to such a horrific event in our history. Many Americans choose to push aside the memories of the day due to the pain and horror of the day...very understandable. However, we must never forget those that gave their lives, those that lost their lives, those that lost their loved ones...and how we as Americans unified after that day...we were a kinder more tolerant group of people...this morning I was reminded. So....remember...never forget....and go to to see what Melodie is doing to honor her late, wonderful husband. Have a grand day...and please let your American flag wave proudly tomorrow. My best to you-Molly
PS Thank you to the very kind person that called to tell me I needed to add the W in leroy's name- :)

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