Monday, September 14, 2009

New from Ladybug Lane!

Good morning, all! What beautiful weather we have here!! I wanted to share with you a collaboration effort between Jennifer (what a very sweet, wonderful person I have gotten to know) from Ladybug Lane designs...she sent me the above design and asked for a frame-viola, how adorable! We should have the pattern here at the store soon! Yeah!! She loves my silly puppies-she had a beloved Bichon doggie named Miley Coyote reminds her of him both in physique and in craziness!! Those puppies never leave your heart!!
We are having the stitching at the Historical Society this Friday-if you haven't gotten your name in and do want to attend please call us so we know to have space for you! I may not be able to attend-I just got work this AM that my uncle passed away-he has struggled with cancer for the past several years-he and my aunt (my godmother) have been to hell and back trying to beat it but unfortunately for us he has gone to a better place...keep Trina in your prayers-and if you don't hear from me that is why...My very best to you...Molly

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