Monday, September 21, 2009

Thanks to all of the Stitching at the Ford gals!!

Good afternoon, dear friends!! I am home safe and sound and back to work-I actually made it back in time to get to stitching on Friday night and how therapeutic it was!! I sat next to Meg and Catherine and I chatted more than stitched-but that was okay!! There were sooo many wonderful gals there-Janice and Diane came with Meg and they were a blast! Nikki, Rachael and Diane came as on-line friends...Rachael is due in January and she sent me a comment-thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you too and we hope you can make it next month! I got to see pics of Nikki's pup, Stella-so sweet! Marian, Evelyn, Tracy and Podzi were having fun at the other end of the table-all gals familiar from our past was good to see all of their sunny faces. Nicole ( the lovely gal that got us motivated to start the stitching evening) and her mom, Phyllis brought yummy cookies(wish I had some today! ). I got a chance to catch up with Mary ( a wonderfully, warm friend I get a chance to run into at Gullifty's! :) ). Bonnie and Deanna (relatives of Lise's-very fun!) came and got us laughing! Found out that Carol had worked at the store back when she was a teen!! I also found out that Catherine is designing her own patterns (and quite good at it too-you need to catch up with Beth and graph them up to sell!!)...she so reminds me of my niece, Courtney! It was fun down at my end-we also had Stella and Lise from the shop at our end of the room...I got to see what projects they're working on! If you missed it we will be having it again in October-we are working on the date-I WILL be there-it was too much fun to miss!! Thanks gals for making my evening!! Love to you all!! Molly
PS Above is a preview of a new Blackbird book-40 pages!!


  1. Molly,

    I had a blast as well. I will definitely have to take some time to catch up with Beth!

    Everyone was working on such wonderful projects, eating, sharing and just relaxing. It was nice for me to have a night out without my boys - I paid for it this weekend though -three times they overflowed the toilets!!! Boys.....

    I can't wait until next time!

  2. Molly - it was a great time. Can't wait for next month.

  3. Molly I had a great time as well!! Can't wait till October!!

  4. Yes, we had fun, Molly, and I am looking forward to October ~ and I agree, Catherine should get those designs charted - they were so cute! Catherine, if you read this thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish I could leave you a comment somewhere but it says your profile is not available.

    Thanks for organizing and I hope Nicole brings cookies again!

    p.s. 40 pages on the new BBD book - yay!