Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are You Ready For More??

Good morning, stitchers! So sorry I didn't get more pictures up 'til now. I am really impressed with the number of enticing new projects....I will post more later today or tomorrow-I am swamped with skuing all that we brought back-WOW!
Tomorrow starts our 30th anniversary-and I've been here for 20! You do know I started at TSS when I was 16!!! :) Seriously, we are very excited about Ruth Ellen's project-be sure to see our website for more info!! We are offering free graphs (as of Nov the charts will be out for $ and will be distributed through Norden and Hoffman!! You go RE!!) each week with purchase!! See all of the details on our web...
Connie is furiously trying to get orders out-she appreciates your patience-and that's why her blog goes unchanged-
Hope all is good with all of you-tonight we say goodbye to September and hello to Rock-tober!! A great month to stitch-too early for leaf pickup, too late for gardens (except the cleanup)...nice to cozy up and watch post-season playoffs!! Go Phils-one more win to clinch!!! Molly
PS-Top two-Marking Sampler
Next two-Rosewood Manor
Next two-Myrtle Grace
Next one-Cherrywood
Next one-Heartstrings
I will try to label them more consistently!! Thanks, Anna, for the suggestion!!


  1. I'd love it if you could label these with title and designer--so we know what to ask for when we come in! :)

  2. i lover autumn blessings wonderful! Dianntha